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We are proud to offer two amazing utility dog breedings this year.  Both are repeats of exceptional litter combinations with proven progeny.  Contact us for more information, to get on our mailing list, or to be put on the waiting lists.

The “T”  Litter

Infinity vom erftblick x Dusty (MArQuez) puppies Due

This is a repeat of a breeding done in Belgium by our good friend, Elke van Gils.  Progeny from the Infinity (Finni) and Marques cross are very handler oriented and enthusiastic to learn and please.  We expect these puppies to excel at obedience, agility, nose work, searching, disc dog, dock diving and, of course, protection sports (Schutzhund/VPG/IGP/American Schutzhund/PSA/Ring, etc…).  These puppies should be well rounded utility and sport dogs with excellent nerve and clarity of character.  This will be the de las Flores “T-Litter.”  

***UPDATE:  This breeding did not take.  We will repeat it on Finni’s next heat cycle.  If you are interested in a Finni puppy, please contact us to be notified about the litter.

The “U” Litter

April 13 - Dina x Figo de las Flores

This is a repeat breeding of one of our best pairings.  The puppies from our “J-Litter” are outstanding representations of the kind of utility dogs we strive to produce.  We were so impressed with them that, even with multiple outstanding stud dogs available to us, we felt this combination was worth the repeat for both our kennel and the breed.  We expect these dogs to be “a little more dog” than the “T” litter when it comes to protection sports such as (Schutzhund/VPG/ IGP/American Schutzhund/PSA/Ring, etc…).  They should also be excellent for obedience, agility, nose work, searching, disc dog, dock diving or any job you work with them.  This will be the de las Flores “U-Litter.” 

***UPDATE:  Dina is pregnant!  We have ultrasound confirmation that Dina has puppies.  

What Are de las Flores Dogs Doing Today?

We are so proud of our puppies and their people!  Our dogs are doing jobs and changing lives in ways we never imagined.  As breeders, it is fulfilling to know that all of those late nights, long hours, research, observations, and hard work to produce high quality, pure bed, utility dogs makes such a difference in the World.  De las Flores dogs demonstrate their utility and versatility in this ongoing list of accomplishments:

IPO/IGP (Including Multiple World Championships)
Police K9
French Ring
Narcotic Detection
Bomb Detection
Arson Detection
Multiple SAR
Elite Yosemite SAR
Nose Work
Personal protection
Property guard dog
Farm dog
AKC Herding dog
Sheep Herding
Cattle Herding
Wildlife flushing
Forestry Dog

Weight pulling
Lure coursing
Dock Diving (Including 2 Champions)
Seizure Alert Dog
Cancer Detection Dog
Wheelchair service dog
Special Needs Service Dog
PTSD Service Dog
Emotional support
Barn Hunt
UKC show champion
AKC Show
K9 Disc Dog
Halftime Show Acting Dog
Cougar Hunting
Deer Hunting

Freestyle Canine Competition
Active family pet