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Welcome to de las Flores Kennel....

Thank you for your interest in my Dutch Shepherd and Belgian Malinois working dogs.  I hopeyou enjoy learning about them as much as I enjoy working and living with them.

Over the last thirty-plus years, I have had the honor of working some amazing animals. I've traveled the World for competition and been heavily involved in the German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois, and now the Dutch Shepherd Worlds.

In addition to training, competing and breeding Belgian Malinois, I am also an involved board member of the AWMA (American Working Malinois Association) to help support the breed in the United States as well as the high level of international competition that the organization promotes.

And finally in 2011, The WDSA (The Working Dutch Shepherd Association) is now officially recognized by the AWDF (American Working Dog Federation) and we have doubled our membership because of it. This is truely and exciting time for Dutch Shepherds here in America. 

Thank you so much to our Dutch friends for their support, guidance, and faith in us to promote the working Dutch Shepherd here in America. In September 2012 we held the First Dutch Shepherd National Championship in Washington state. It was a great success with entries from all over the USA, Germany and The Netherlands.  It was a succesful and enjoyable event.

And, finally, thanks to Jose, Klass and Jack Stienstra of le Dobry Hollanders . Because of them, all of our Dutch Shepherds are unique in that they are FCI registered and can compete internationally.   

Thank you and I hope you enjoy learning about my kennel.

Les Flores
Dutch Shepherd and Belgian Malinois Breeder
de las Flores Kennel



Les Flores is a retired California Police K9 Officer with over 30 years training dogs in the areas of K9, narcotic detection, Schutzhund, SAR, AKC obedience, and show. He has competitively trained and trialed numerous breeds including German Shepherds, Malinois, Dobermans, Dutch Shepherds, Pit Bull, Rottweilers, and mutts.

Some of his impressive accomplishments include winning over 150 Police K9 competition trophies with his dog “P.J.”, Winning 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places at DVG America National Championships as well as participating in the 2001 and 2002 DHV Meisterschaft (respectively) and the 100 year DVG Anniversary with his GSD, Ziggo v.d. Fasanerie, and winning the 2004 DVG America Championship as well as participating at the Meisterschaft and World Malinois Championships held in Germany and Austria (respectively) of the same year with his Malinois “Nicodemus les Ombres Valeureux.” owned by Diane Wray. Les also participated at the 1st Open Dutch Shepherd Championship with Vrijheid's Aaron in Hoogkerk, Netherlands where he placed 7th and the TOP Auslander trophy. He has been invited to defend it in 2009.

Les most recent accomplishment was to win back to back ( a week apart) the 2013 DVG America IPO 1 National Championship in Oregon with his dog Kiitos and then win the IPO 2 the following weekend at the 2013 WDSA National Championship in WA. He also won the IPO 3 National Championship with Funky who is also Kiitos mom in the same weekend. As the Dutch Shepherd National Champion, Les and Funky will be representing the USA at the 1st World Championship for Dutch Shepherds in Holland, in May of 2014.

In addition to his competitive training and handling, perhaps what Les is best known for in the Schutzhund community is his trial helper program development which is currently the foundation of helper programs being used and developed internationally as well as in major National Schutzhund organizations in the United States.

Les’ unique ability to teach both green and experienced helpers safe protection work through technique is unsurpassed. After eight years of service, he recently retired from DVG America office of National OFS (national training director). Before his retirement, Les certified over 200 helpers nation wide and has given countless helper, handler, and drive training seminars internationally.

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